Image is 12.5" x 13" (11x13 matted), on a 16x20 sheet of Bergger Cot 320 rag cotton paper. The image is formed from an equal volume of gold chloride, rhodium chloride, platinum chloride, iridium chloride, and palladium chloride with a few drops of ruthenium chloride. The print is identified as "1/1 Omnitype (Pt/Au/Ir/Rh/Pd/Ru). Swept Across the Sky" in pencil and signed by the photographer in pencil.

The subject is otherwise available as 1/1, up to approximately 13" x 17", in any of the following metals: The image may be printed on any of various medium to heavy weight rag cotton papers, such as Arches Platine, Bergger Cot 320, Arches Aquarelle, Revere Platinum, etc., depending on availability at the type of printing.
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