Click image to view a close up and appreciate the quality of the Chrysotype Supreme (formerly Texas Chrysotype). 

Image is 12" x 14" (11x14 matted) on a 16x20 sheet of Bergger Cot 320 rag cotton paper. The image is formed from pure gold chloride. Notice the plastic gloss of the mannequin torso, as well as the extraordinarily wide tonal range -- detail is preserved in the darkest areas of this print as well as in the umbrella reflected in the silver ball.

The above image was printed with the old standard Texas Chrysotype formula (a ratio of 3 parts ammonium ferric ferrous oxalate with 6 drops of 1% C /10ml to 4 parts  of gold chloride). The quality is even higher with the Chrysotype Supreme which uses ammonium ferric ferrous oxalate prepared with only 3 drops of 1% C. 

The print is identified as "1/1 Texas Chrysotype (Au). Pygmalion" in pencil and signed by the photographer in pencil.

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